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Case Studies


called Trinity Care Wakefield one Friday because she was concerned
about her young toddler, Jack. Sara spoke to the nurse and explained
that Jack had been less interested in his toys, not eaten any of his
dinner and seemed to have a mild temperature. The nurse was able to
reassure Sara and advised that she give Jack some pain relief and offer
him plenty of drinks. The nurse told Sara to monitor Jack and that if
she felt he had deteriorated further she could call back during the

Sara says “I was so relieved to be able to get some
simple advice quickly and know I could call back and speak to someone
during the weekend. I was worried that if he was worse on the Saturday, I
would need to cope on my own until Monday morning”.


Peter lives on his own and is 87. He had been having trouble with wheezing and a cough for a few weeks. Although he didn’t feel his problem was urgent, he was worried his inhalers weren’t working so he rang Trinity Care Wakefield for help. The nurse read Peter’s medical notes and gave him an appointment to see his doctor the same day.

Peter said “I wasn’t sure if I needed to see a doctor, but it was useful to speak to someone who knew my medical history and could make an appointment quickly.”


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